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Back from the DRC, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Virunga National Park, Virunga Mountains, Hiking, Nyiragongo Volcano

Back from the DRC

We made it back from the mysterious and mystical place known as the DRC, the Democratic Republic of Congo. Although it is surely war-torn with thousands of U.N. soldiers driving around, Goma, Conga is not much different from the rest of Africa. It is peaceful and actually much safer than many other places we have visited. Tourists

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McKinders, Mount Kenya National Park, Batian, Lenana, Hiking, Trekking, Circuit Summit, Naro Moru, Nanyuki, Sirimon, Kenya

Hiking Mount Kenya

We just got back from hiking Mount Kenya today. Mount Kenya is the second tallest mountain in Africa behind Kilimanjaro, and one of the main attractions when visiting Kenya. This volcanic mountain stands at 5,199 meters (17,057 Feet), and is a haven for experienced trekkers and mountain climbers. Unlike most countries in East Africa, Kenya does

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