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We are Yana and Timon. Welcome to Beard and Curly.


We are travel bloggers currently traveling the world. Always seeking to push our travel limits, we enjoy hiking and engaging with new cultures. We save money by camping, staying in hostels, and eating local food. Along the way, we will share our travel tips, stories, and recommended itineraries.




Our Story

We met at college in Boston, Massachusetts. After several years of working hard to move forward in our careers we found ourselves desiring to travel more and more. We traveled throughout the years to remote places in the world. However, we never felt it was enough. We enjoyed the last six years living in San Francisco, California. However, there is nothing quite like strapping on a backpack and exploring new places. After years of hard work and saving money, we quit our jobs to travel full time.


Thanks for following us along on our journey. Welcome to Beard and Curly.


Yana and Timon



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