Fish River Canyon Day Trip

Fish River Canyon in the Ais-Ais National Park is Africa’s largest canyon. The Fish River cuts through the canyon that is 160km (100 miles) long and 27km wide (17 miles). The Fish River normally floods in late summer, and flows intermittently through the year, sometimes with large puddles rather than a flowing river.


This arid region gets extremely hot, especially in summers, up to 50 degrees Celsius, making this a seasonal place to visit. Although open year round, it is suggested to go between April and September. There is a famous 5 day hike in the canyon, open from May 1 to September 15. The hike is a 5 day hike for 88 km along the river from Hobas to Ais-Ais.


How to Get There

From C12 go to Hobas to the park entrance. Just outside of the park gate, there is a road directly to Ais-Ais, a 1 hour drive. Alternatively take C10 off highway B1 to Ais-Ais.


Park Fee’s and Hours

Hours: Sunrise to sunset
Fees: $60 NAD per person per day and $10 NAD per vehicle per day

Fish River Canyon, Hobas, Ais-Ais, Namibia

Fish River Canyon

What to Do

Hobas: start in the Northern part of the park and drive to several viewpoints to see the massive canyon and the Fish River cutting through it. 2wd is ok to get to the main viewpoints, but it is recommended for 4wd to see all of them.

Ais-Ais: at the southern part of the park, Ais-Ais is the main campground and home to a hot spring. There are 2 swimming pools and a small beach off the Fish River for day swimming.

Hike: Between May and September, check into the 5 day hike with NWR at Hobas. Permits are available beginning May 1.

Ais-Ais National Park, Namibia

Ais-Ais Swimming Pools


Where to Stay

Ais-Ais campground is your best option for camping and lodging. They have a small store and restaurant as well.

Cost: $168 NAD per person per day camping. Rooms available from $1060 NAD per day.

Alternate Option: If you are continuing from Namibia to South Africa, you also could stay at the Orange River 1 hour south of Ais-Ais. Here you will stay right next to the border crossing into South Africa.

Stay: Felix Unite Camping from $150 NAD per person


Packing Essentials for Namibia*



Other Essentials:

  • Wingspan Optics binoculars

  • Natrapel DEET free mosquito repellent

  • Camera with zoom (telephoto) lens – we recommend between 200 – 400 mm. Check out the Canon 70-200mm lens for the best quality you can get!

  • Hat

  • Waterbottle – try to help reduce plastic bottles!

*If you are considering buying any camping gear, hiking gear, or photography gear, please consider buying through the below affiliate links on this page. You won’t pay for anything extra at all, but we will receive a small commission (usually 2%-5%) to help run the website. We appreciate the support!


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Visited in March 2016.


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