Packing List for Round the World Trip

Going on a trip of a lifetime? Worried about packing? How to pack carry on for an around the World trip? This list will cover all the necessary tips and recommended brands and items to pack for an extensive trip. There are some similarities to packing for a 2 week week trip, so you have a starting point you are used to, but long extensive trips are another beast and do require different types of items and planning. This guide will cover it all, from both women’s and mens clothing, to accessories and electronics, as well as a camping section.

Ultimate Travel List – Click Here for the PDF List

The Pearl of Arica, Uganda, Sipi Falls, Mount Elgon, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Fort Portal, Murchison Falls National Park, Red Chili, Enjojo, Bwindi Backpackers, Mountain Gorilla Trek, Kigali, Kampala



This list should be used as guidance.

First understand where you are going. What is the general weather in that part of the world? Pack to accommodate the weather and lifestyle you will have at that location. Going to Southeast Asia? Bring beach clothes. Heading to Nepal? Bring your trekking gear. Going to South America for 1 year? Bring comfortable clothes that could adjust for both warm and cool weather. Know your terrain before you pack.


Wear what you love.

Don’t buy something just to buy something. Wear what you already love. Yes, while you want to cut back on what you bring, and preferably want lightweight stuff that packs well, you don’t want to bring something just because it is “travel friendly.” At the end of the day, you are going to wear what you think looks best or what you prefer to wear based on comfort.

California, USA

Comfort always win.

When deciding between travel friendly and comfort, always go with comfort, unless it is absolutely un-travel friendly. Layering and clothes for different types of weather may be something you need to think about and plan for, and when you have to layer, you want to be comfortable. Lounging around in the hostel watching a movie? Throw on those comfy shorts and lightweight hoodie that you love.


The debate on jeans.

Jeans are heavy. A lot of travelers do not bring jeans. I can understand this, but if you wear jeans and a t-shirt 90% of your outfits normally, then bring jeans and t-shirts. While they are heavy and bulky, they do keep you warmer than other types of pants. Jeans are also essential in not looking like a backpacker all the time.  If you want to fit in at that European bar or go to a nice dinner on occasion, don’t be the one wearing your zip off trekking pants.  Jeans are the way to go.  Pick one comfortable dark pair with no knee holes (those will get much bigger over time) and rock the jeans.

Seychelles, Beaches of Seychelles, Seychelles on a Budget, Mahe, Victoria, beau Vallon


Forgot something?

Worried you might forget something? Don’t worry. REI ships internationally for $35 if under $150 order total. Above $150 order total and shipping is only $20. There also are other options, and always can look for locally made goods as well. Try to buy as much as you can before you leave, you will be the best options and likely best pricing. I recommend Amazon, especially with Prime accounts, as there is only a 2-day shipping for most items. Click on the blue link’s below to check out our recommended products.

Women’s Clothing:


TIPS: Here are a few of our favorite things: Good athletic tank tops, a good button up shirt, a cute maxi dress, merino wool socks, ExOfficio quick dry underwear that may change your life for the better, and a lightweight down jacket.

3 Lululemon Cool Racerback Tank Tops
1 Patagonia Thermal
5 Tanks
1 Linen Shirt
2 Button-up Shirts
1 Cardigan
Marmot Lobo Convertible Trekking Pants
1 Jeans
1 Jean Shorts
1 Lululemon Speed Track exercise Shorts
1 Lululemon Wunder Under Yoga Pants
1 Short Dress
1 Short Skirt
1 Maxi Skirt
2 Maxi Dresses
1 Lululemon Free to Be Sports Bra
2 Darn Tough Merino Wool Hiking Socks
3 Bathing Suits
1 Scarf
1 Small Gloves
1 Buff Headband
1 Hat
1 Baseball Cap
1 Belt
1 Sarong
Tom’s Sneaker
1 Havaiana Flip Flop
1 New Balance Minimus Trail Running Shoe

What to Pack for 1 year travelling, ultimate backpacking travel list

Men’s Clothing:

TIP: Here are a few of our favorite things: ExOfficio quick dry underwear may change your life, good hiking pants that have some stretch to them, merino wool socks, enough t-shirts, and a lightweight down jacket.

1 Jeans
1 Patagonia Venga Rock Trekking Pants
1 Nike Exercise Shorts
1 Shorts
1 North Face Resolve Lightweight Rain Jacket
1 Outdoor Research Lightweight Hat
Roots Beanie
1 Buff Headband
1 Lululemon Dri-Fit Shirt
Nike Dri-Fit Shirt
Patagonia Merino Wool Mid-Zip Shirt
1 Long Sleeve Mountain Hardwear Henley Thermal
2 Darn Tough Merino Wool Hiking Socks
1 Cotton Sock
1 Bathing Suit
6 ExOfficio Give N Go Boxer Briefs
5 T-shirts
1 Long Sleeve Lightweight Dress Shirt
1 New Balance Minimus Trail Running Shoes
1 Havaianas Flip Flops
Colombia Bahama Vent II Shoes
What to Pack for 1 year travelling, ultimate backpacking travel list

Men’s Clothing

For all of our clothes, we each had two compression sacks from Eagle Creek. These are a must for travelling. Below is a picture of all of our clothes rolled up into compression sacks, plus an outfit left out that we would wear while travelling.


What to Pack for 1 year travelling, ultimate backpacking travel list

Packed up Clothes

What to Pack for 1 year travelling, ultimate backpacking travel listFootwear


Note on footwear.

We brought very lightweight minimal trail runners.  Although they are awesome if you plan on doing extensive hiking bring supportive shoes. Our trail runners aren’t cutting it so we had to purchase new hiking shoes. I purchased a pair of 510’s. I would go with Guide Tenie’s for ultimate approach shoe’s or Freerider’s for a more comfortable and relaxed hiking shoe.

McKinders, Mount Kenya National Park, Batian, Lenana, Hiking, Trekking, Circuit Summit, Naro Moru, Nanyuki, Sirimon, Kenya

Hiking and Camping at Mount Kenya

Camping Gear:

Going camping on your trip, or maybe you want to save some money and bring a tent? Many countries offer camping, even within city limits. Find a good backpackers or caravan park and save money on your accommodation to lengthen your trip or spend more money on other things (i.e. food).

2 Sleeping Bags: Get a 800 Fill Down, 20 Degree Rating
Mountain Hardwear Ghost UL 3 Person Tent
Thermarest Neo Air Sleeping Pad
REI Flash Sleeping Pad
Silk Mummy Bag Liner
Travel Pillow
3L Camelback
2 Headlamps
1 Sea to Summit Waterproof Pack
1 ACR ResQLink Beacon Device
2 Caribeeners
1 Lighter
1 Empty Modified Tuna/Cat Food Can for Cooking (
What to Pack for 1 year travelling, ultimate backpacking travel list

Camping Gear



TIP: When travelling to places where water needs to be purified, the Camelback UV Waterbottle is excellent to have with you. Always have a good RFIDsafe travel wallet, bring at least 2 locks and 1 cable wire for protecting your information and gear, and NEVER forget Earplugs. Earplugs sometimes are your best friend, when there is construction next door, a party outside, or just a friendly neighbor in the dorm snoring like a congested camel.


2 Lightweight PackTowl’s
Camelback UV Waterbottle
1 BPA Free Collapsable Water Bottle
1 RFIDsafe Travel Wallet
3 Locks
2 Metal Cables Locks
1 Notepad + Pen
1 Binoculars
1 Deck Playing Cards
Small Duct Tape
1 Waterproof Dry Bag
5 Zip Lock Bags
10 Rubber Bands
What to Pack for 1 year travelling, ultimate backpacking travel list

Travel Accessories


Toiletries For Him:

Nail Clippers
Goddess Garden Travel Sunscreen
Travel Toothpaste
Toothbrush + Travel Holder
Soap + Soap Dish
Hair Gel
Fragrance Free Beard Oil (Jojoba or Argan Oil)
Natrapel Travel Bug Spray


Toiletries For Her:

Hair Spray
Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash
Leave-in Conditioner
Face Lotion
Nailbrush (Also works with laundry)
Nail File
Coconut Oil (Can use 101 different ways!)
Toothbrush with Holder
Blister Pads
Baby Wipes




Technology has become a staple in our everyday lives, yet everyone uses technology differently. Love taking photo’s? Bring all your camera gear. Want to check out from technology for a bit and just travel with a pack and clothes on your back? That’s fine too, skip this section of the list. Bring what accommodates your tech needs. This list is quite heavy, as there are two of us travelling together, we are into photography, as well as having a blog and podcast (coming soon!). The key with technology is to ensure you have enough power. Bring extra batteries and a portable battery charger.

Canon DSLR EOS 70D
Canon EF 50MM f/1.8 lens
Tamron 17-50mm Base lens
Tamron 70-300mm Zoom lens
Davis & Sanford Lightweight Tripod
JOBY Ultra Fit sling neck strap
Canon extra battery + Charger
Camera Wireless Remote Clicker
Travel Camera Cleaner Pen
Monoprice Headphone Splitter
Car Charger Adapter
Aux Cable
Phone Chargers
256GB PNY Turbo USB Flash Drive
Anker Portable Battery
Seagate 2TB external hard drive
SD Cards: 16GB Wireless EyeFi Mobi and 64GB SanDisk Extreme
Sunto Ambit3 GPS Watch + Charger
Samson Go Mic for Podcasting/Skype Calls
iPhone 6
Samsung Galaxy S6 (not pictured)
1 Go Pro Hero4 Silver
Go Pro 3-Way Arm
GOMA GoPro suction cup
UPDATE – we bought a drone!
Extra battery
What to Pack for 1 year travelling, ultimate backpacking travel list

Electronics and Tech



Invest in a good pack. It will be on your back often and you want your pack to fit your body properly, so you are not getting sore each time you are moving between places. Pick the right size pack for your needs. Want to try carry on only? Stick with a 40L-44L pack. If you want to go with a full size pack, look for 65L packs.

Osprey Talon 44L Mens Pack

Osprey Tempest 40L Women’s Pack

PacSafe Camera and Laptop Anti-Theft Backpack

What to Pack for 1 year travelling, ultimate backpacking travel list

Packed Bags


Ultimate Travel List – Click Here for the PDF List


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Packing List for Round the World Trip


Published on 05/02/2016 by Beard and Curly.


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  1. manu mathew Reply

    Hello Yana and peskin, I had a look at this and was stunned about the stuff you carry. I am extremely happy for you guys. Thank you for sharing this with the world. Hope you guys are enjoying. I will definitely share this with my friends!!!!! Have fun and keep updating. Love you guys and obviously, miss you two!!! Wish I could travel with you guys. Loved your spirit, love, caring, sharing, hiking, company. Hope we meet again somewhere !!

    • Beard and Curly Reply


      Thanks for such the kind note. We try to travel as light as possible, but we actually flew today from Vanuatu to Australia and came to realize we are too heavy and need to cut back on some stuff. Glad you are enjoying our articles and hearing about our travels. We plan to be in Australia and then to Southeast Asia following that. Let us know if you ever are in that part of the world in the next 6-12 months. Glad we met you and wish you the best.


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