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Magpupungko Tide Pools, Siargao, Philippines






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Roys Peak, Wanaka



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Enjoying a coffee break on the boat at the Kinabatangan River




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22 comments on “Contact Us”

  1. Manu mathew Reply

    Hey buddies this is manu
    Met you guys at tongariro great walk
    Just wanted to say hai and give a piece of video I made

    • Beard and Curly Reply

      Hi Manu! Glad you made it to our page and connected with us on Facebook. We are loving New Zealand and currently in the Fiordlands. We have one more month and then off to Fiji before winter sets in. Was great meeting you. Wish you the best.


  2. Joseph Najat Reply

    Hi Timon and Yana, I’ve been enjoying your phenomenal travel photos. Your site is great too. Joseph

    • Beard and Curly Reply


      Thanks for following our trip. It has been pretty amazing so far, and we have a hard time imagining to stop! Hope all is well!


    • Beard and Curly Reply

      Hi Wes. Did you read our post on Camping in Kauai and the permit situation? Will you be renting a car? Camping is very accessible. There are many county parks that have cheap camping around $3 per night. We really loved Anini Beach and Haena Park for cheap camping. There also are camping option in the state parks ($18) and the Kalalau Trail is one of the best hikes ever if you are suited for that, and can camp at Kalalau Beach. If you haven’t yet, read our article on camping. Let me know if you have more specific questions. Cheers.

  3. Paul McC Reply

    Thanks for your article on Mt Kenya, very helpful indeed. A couple of questions if you don’t mind, do you happen to know if you need sleeping mats and/or sleeping bags for the huts? Also are the huts bookable only at the park gate? Wondering if we can hire a guide/cook for the pair of us, stay in huts and just get away with relatively light day packs. Thinking of an up sirimon and down chigoria traverse. What are your thoughts?

    • Beard and Curly Reply


      The Mt Kenya track is still one of my favorites, it is such an incredible walk. I am not sure which month you intend to do the walk, as weather does change at that altitude in summer/winter time. The huts have sleeping pads for each bunk bed. However, you absolutely need sleeping bags. With the altitude, at the top huts it gets below freezing at night, especially in winter it is really cold. If you want to book a guide and cook, I suggest trying to finding a guide in town. They can carry food and you can have a lighter pack with clothes and sleeping bags. There are tour operators that mark up the prices, so they can arrange everything (entry, hut costs, guide, cook, transport) but it comes with a cost. Another option is to find the guide on your own in town, do the food shopping with the guide or cook before going, and you pay all fees at the park entry. You have to stop at the entry to sign in no matter what, so it is better to pay to correct prices for entry to the park as well as for the huts. We did the Naro Moru route up, the summit circuit, and the Naro Moru down, but we did it to save on transport costs as well as do it on a 3-day park pass so we didn’t have to buy a 4th day. The Sirimon and Chigoria would be more enjoyable and more scenic. Naro Moru route gets amazing on the last day and is a harder ascent to the summit than Sirimon, but the first day is on a road they built up to the first hut, so it is not very enjoyable as walking on a trail. The Sirimon is the most popular and not many do Chigoria, but we heard it is very nice. Let us know if you have any other questions!


  4. kundan Reply


    I would like to contribute some guest post content on your website. You can review my writings at and update me your response.
    Hoping for the positive response.

    Kundan kumar

    • Beard and Curly Reply

      Hi Kundan, we currently are busy traveling for the next few months and unable to accommodate any guest posts at this time. Thanks so much for reaching out though!

  5. Sam Reply

    Aloha, I loved your post on Fiji and the images. I’ll be exploring the Coral Coast and was hoping you could point me in the direction of a few beaches like the one you have pictured. Looking for a couple good places to relax and fly the drone a bit. Love your work.

    • Beard and Curly Reply


      Fiji is a beautiful place, especially for the drone, so there are places that will be incredible even when you didn’t plan on it. That’s part of the beauty of Fiji. Natadola Beach is the most famous on the Coral Coast, and Sovi Bay is also supposedly a nice bay. Check out the Sigatoka Sand Dunes, very cool with the drone. We stayed at Beachhouse Fiji, close to Namatakula. Enjoy your trip, and let us know where to see your shots when you have them posted!


  6. Jeanne Finney Reply

    Hi – is this article on Tigray from 2017? I was wondering about the museum/renovations in Yeha…thanks, jean

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