Luderitz and Kolmanskop Ghost Town

Luderitz is a small coastal port town in Southern Namibia, impressively surrounded by the harsh Namib desert. A quaint colonial town with german influence, it is a great stop to enjoy the Namib desert, see an incredible abandoned ghost town taken over by the desert, get some great coastal vibe and enjoy some fresh seafood. Luderitz is one of the more expensive places in Namibia, so the costs for accommodation here tend to be higher. There also is limited options for camping, although a couple of pricier options do exist.


Kolmanskop Ghost Town, Luderitz, Namibia

Abandoned Railroad


How to Get to Luderitz

Highway B4 (tar) is the only road into Luderitz. You can take B4 from Keetmanshoop, or coming down from Sossusvlei, take highway C19 from Sesriem to C14 to C13 which takes you to Aus, where you can then get to B4. All of the roads from Sesriem to Aus are gravel.


Kolmanskop Ghost Town, Luderitz, Namibia

Entry to a house



Just outside Luderitz off highway B4 is Kolmanskop. A German mining town in the early 1900’s, this area was rich in diamonds and had a flourishing economy. The town was built similar style that of a German town, including a hospital, ballroom, school, theater, self-powered through a power station, and included the southern hemisphere’s very first x-ray machine. After years of flourishing, the diamond field became exhausted and struggled after World War 1, and eventually became abandoned in 1954.


Kolmanskop Ghost Town, Luderitz, Namibia

Abandoned Hallways


Now a ghost town taken over by the Namib Desert, Kolmanskop is the highlight of Luderitz. You can pay at the entrance of Kolmanskop. Cost was $80 NAD per person which includes the price of two daily tours, at 9:30am and 11am. Tours are optional but provides some historical background.


Kolmanskop Ghost Town, Luderitz, Namibia

The Hospital



Diaz Brothers. While there are many options, this was where we ate all of our meals. It’s that good and very affordable. A very friendly staff here serves a very good breakfast with french press coffee and has excellent dinners with fresh fish, calamari, as well as many other options.



13.7 NAD = $1 USD

Omelette 45 NAD
Fish and chips  40 NAD
Grilled fish 35 NAD
Beer 15 NAD


Where to Stay on a Budget in Luderitz

Budget Stay: Element Riders Backpackers is the cheapest option in town. Dorms are $120pp. No campsite.

Camping: Luderitz Backpackers $170pp for camping.

Other Camping Option: Shark Island is part of the NWR. Shark Island is known to be windy, yet is isolated and has a lot of sea life right at your feet. Cost is $136 NAD pp for camping.

Alternative option is staying in Aus, which is 125km away. At only 1 hours drive, Aus is a cute little town in the Mountains on the edge of the desert. There is great camping at the Aus Garage for $70pp. There is one place to eat, the Bahnhof Hotel. Klein Aus-Vista is another good option to stay.




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