This Mediterranean city is just a short train ride from Cairo. With cool and moderate temperatures, it is a great way to relax and get some sun. Founded by Alexander the Great, this city has lots of history. The world’s first library was established here, as well as one of the Ancient World Wonders, the Lighthouse of Alexandria. This city is somewhat of a modern escape, yet littered with history, and some trash too. While the streets have lots of debris and homeless cats wandering the town, the cafes and restaurants are buzzing with life. Alexandria is the arts and cultural capital of Egypt. It is a great place to explore for a day or two and enjoy the lovely corniche, historical sites, and excellent food. This Alexandria city guide will cover all the highlights and things to see in Alexandria!


Top Places to See in Alexandria


Citadel of Qaitbay

At the end of the corniche, the Citadel of Qaitbay stands where the Lighthouse of Alexandria once stood. This fortress is picturesque and great to come around sunset. Some of the huge rocks around the Fort are original rocks from the lighthouse. To enter the fort and museum there is a small fee.

Cost: entry tickets are 25 E£ and 15 E£ for students.

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Citadel of Qaitbay


Bibliotheca Alexandria

A modern and revitalized library, where the oldest library of the world once stood before it burnt down centuries ago. This building stands as the symbol of culture, literature, and arts in Egypt.

Cost: entry tickets are 70 E£ and 35 E£ for students.

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Bibliotheca of Alexandria


Catacombs of Kom ash-Suqqafa

While not nearly as impressive as tombs on the West Bank of Luxor, these catacombs are the largest known burial site in Egypt known for Roman-style tombs. It also is one of the youngest tombs in Egypt. The walls are not painted, yet this 35m deep tomb is worth a stop.

Cost: entry tickets are 40 E£ and 25 E£ for students.



This corniche is the epicenter of Alexandria and houses many of the famous sights as well as cafes and restaurants. It is lovely to come for an afternoon stroll. If one is ambitious, walk from the bibliotheca to the Citadel of Qaitbay.

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Sunset at the corniche


Royal Garden (Montaza Palace)

Once a summer palace, the building interiors are off-limits, but one can visit the vast gardens or enjoy the small private beach cove.

Cost: entry tickets are 8 E£ for the gardens and 15 E£ for access to the beach.


National Museum

This museum is known as one of the best in Egypt and captures a lot of Alexandria’s storied past. Unlike other museums, there are well-written stories and documentation to help understand the history of Egypt.

Cost: entry tickets are 40 E£ and 25 E£ for students.


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Wall mural


Roman Amphitheater

Ruins were found when a building was under constructed in 1960, but instead, an excavation took over the site. Underneath dirt and rubble was Egypt’s only Roman Amphitheater, and it is well-preserved.

Cost: entry tickets are 30 E£ and 15 E£ for students.



Where to Eat in Alexandria

Delices Cafe

Delices has been serving coffee and pastries since the early 1900’s. This establishment became famous during WWI, known to serve pastries to many of the soldiers in Egypt.

Cost: coffee from 12 E£ and pastries from 20 E£.

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Cafe Delices


Mohamed Ahmed

Stop for lunch for some of the best mezze plates in Egypt. Options include fowl, falafel, tahini, aubergines, beet salad, tomato and cucumber salad, french fries, and several other sauces.

Cost: lunch for two around 40 E£.


Asmak Shaaban

This famous seafood eatery is popular for late lunch or dinner. Known for its fresh fish, shrimp and calamari, diners choose their choice of seafood and preparation from the local catch. Free mezze plates and salads are served first, so make sure to wait for your seafood goodness to fill up.

Cost: dinner for two for around 80E£.

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Seafood dinner



Where to Stay in Alexandria

Budget: Transit Hotel has good wifi and breakfast included, double rooms for 190 E£ ($11 USD)

Mid-RangeMantazah Beach Apartments have furnished apartments for 950 E£ ($54 USD)




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