Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island. Sometimes referred to as the “Eighth Continent,” over 90% of all wildlife is endemic to Madagascar. This country is located west of the African continent off the Mozambique Channel. Flights are commonly found from South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, and Mauritius. There is rich history and unique African culture resulting from the presence of Asian and Malay influences, Indian trade routes, and French colonization. Madagascar has a lot to offer.

Wild West Tour of Madagascar, Tsiribihina River, Pirogue Tour, Stone Forest, Tsingy de Bemeraha, Avenue of Boababs, Morandava, Madagascar

Avenue of Boababs

Lemur, Madagascar, Rainforest, HikingLemurs in Madagascar


Check out The Ultimate Guide to Madagascar for information on currency, sim card info, hotel recommendations, how to use the Taxi Brousse system, and some highlights around the country.

The Ultimate Guide to Madagascar


Check out Trip Itineraries for Madagascar to help plan your trip.  We have suggested itineraries from 2 to 8 weeks.

Trip Itineraries for Madagascar


Paradise in Ile Nattes explains how to get to this amazing island next to Saint Marie, expected costs, and recommended accommodation. Don’t forget to check out some of the highlights of Saint Marie by exploring the island on a scooter for a day.

Paradise in Ile Nattes


A major highlight on this unique island, is the The Wild West Tour of Madagascar. The tour beings with a float down the Tsiribihina River on traditional pirogue for 3 days. Then venture off to the famous Tsingy De Bemaraha and Avenue of the Baobabs.

Wild West Tour of Madagascar



Diego Suarez and the North of Madagascar is an excellent place to visit. Diego is a great city with possibly the best food in Madagascar. Nearby Ramena is also an excellent beach town. Make sure to visit Tsingy Rouge, Amber Mountain, Emerald Bay and the Three Bays while in Diego.

Adventures in Diego Suarez



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