Backpack Review: Pacsafe Camsafe V25

As someone always on the road who likes to take pictures, it was always a struggle bringing along a camera. While there are some great point and shoot cameras, nothing captures moments as good as a DSLR. For years it was a struggle finding the right camera bag that didn’t annoy the crap out of me. One that is small but holds an extra lens. Forget the extra lens it’s too much added effort. Get a smaller bag. Forget the standard shoulder bag. Try a sling bag. My shoulder hurts. Get a standard shoulder bag. I need more space for my extra lens. After years of flip flotchery (I think I just made up that word, but I like the sound of it), my life changed. From burden to tranquility, Pacsafe changed my life.


In 2015, we purchased a Camsafe V17 backpack. It supported all of our camera and electronic needs throughout Africa and the Middle East. With thousands of miles under its belt and some new camera gear, it was time to put it to rest. While this sad departure will not be forgotten, we have a new Pacsafe bag that checks off the long list of needs and does so in tremendous fashion. The Camsafe V25 is a perfect fit for camera gear fanatics or those with a small drone. Here are some reasons we love Pacsafe and why their Camsafe V25 pack should be part of your everyday use or travel plans.


Pacsafe Camsafe V25 Product Review. Check out more at

Camsafe V25 Camera Backpack




Pacsafe is the leader in anti-theft travel bags. The pack is protected with slashguard material around the exterior of the bag and the straps. Passports and credit cards are safely protected within the RFIDsafe pockets. The Camsafe V25 is loaded with these security features:

  • Carrysafe slashguard straps

  • eXomesh slashguard

  • RFIDsafe pockets

  • Smart zipper security

  • Turn and lock security hooks

Pacsafe Camsafe V25 Product Review. Check out more at


This pack is very comfortable and has thick straps to help support a good amount of weight. When this bag is fully loaded with gear (camera, lens, laptop, accessories), the weight of the bag is not as noticeable as it is with other packs. The weight distribution is perfect and even a long day-hike with this pack on was not an issue.


Pacsafe Camsafe V25 Product Review. Check out more at


We are not talking about artwork here, but the design of this bag has nailed it. It has space for loads of electronics while not being too big and bulky. There is plenty of space for other stuff in the large upper compartment. A separate sleeve in the back can fit a  15″ laptop. The small front pocket can safely store a passport and wallet. There is enough space in the side pocket for a thermos or small transportable tripod.


Pacsafe Camsafe V25 Product Review. Check out more at

Key Features

Camera gear is the key focus of the bag. There is enough room for 1 camera and 2-3 spare lenses. Another option could be room for 1 camera, 1 extra lens, and a small drone (i.e. Mavic Pro).

Laptop sleeve that can fit a 15″ laptop.

Large compartment that can fit accessories, bagged lunch, or a change of clothes.

Small passport/wallet pocket has RFIDsafe technology to protect your wallet and passport.

Side pocket larger enough for a big water bottle, thermos or a small transportable tripod.


Pacsafe Camsafe V25 Product Review. Check out more at


The only negative thing about this bag is the front small zipper pocket. We have a mid-sized passport wallet and it fills up the entire pocket. The depth of the pocket could be a little deeper to hold a couple more things in the front pocket. However, I use this pack for my camera gear, not to hold my wallet.




Overall Conclusion

With excellent design and top-notch security features, this pack hit a home run. It has room for tons of gear and is perfect for those who want to bring the extra lens, or for safely packing a small drone. We have traveled to four continents with a Pacsafe bag so far, and we plan to make it to a few more!




Camsafe V25 is available for $179.95 from Amazon.


Pacsafe Camsafe V25 Product Review. Check out more at

Me with my Camsafe V17

Alternate Options

Want something smaller? Camsafe V17 camera backpack was my personal introduction to Pacsafe and may be my favorite bag of all time. It is comfortable, it looks great, it has space for a camera and two lenses plus a 13″ laptop. It is small enough to be in disguise and big enough to have all your important valuables in one place. Priced from $139.95 from Amazon.




Not looking for a camera backpack? Check out their most popular bag of all time, the Venturesafe 25L GII backpack. This bag does not have a camera insert, but it is your ultimate anti-theft backpack. With great looks, durability, and a reasonable price compared to other top backpacks, this bag is a keeper. Priced from $85 at Amazon.



Need even more space?  Venturesafe X40 Plus 40L pack is one of their newer bags, and they created a beauty. If you are a professional photographer or just have enough gear to pretend to be one on weekends, this is the ultimate bag. There is tons of space that could easily fit two camera bodies, two lenses, and a drone. Priced from $249.95 at Amazon.





Security webs are available, but who really wants to walk around with that on your bag? Plus, it actually might ATTRACT a thief. If you would go so far to wrap your bag in a metal mesh protector, it is a blinking sign for valuables. I wouldn’t take the chance with this.



Travelon bags are anti-theft focused but what they make up for in design and appearance doesn’t make up for the lack of durability and packs specifically designed for cameras.



LowePro and other manufacturers have some options for “body side access” bags. The design is for ease of use, and naturally may protect your valuables because the zipper is against your back. However, these bags are not designed for anti-theft and don’t stack it up against Pacsafe bags.



What is in my bag?

I thought it would be interesting to share what I keep in my Camsafe V25 anti-theft backpack. Here is what I have:



Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement. I was provided with free product in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by Pacsafe, and/or its affiliates in any way.  



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